Since February 2022, 758 verified casualties were caused by remnants of war in Ukraine.  
90 of them were children.
About us
Luftvejen is a Danish company (CVR 43516930) developing charging stations for autonomous drone operations. With our technology, drones can demine contaminated areas 24/7 without risk to people.
Ukraine has become one of the most mine-infested territories in the world. The country's government estimates that at least one-third of its territory, or about 180,000 km2, is contaminated. This area is concentrated in the east and south of the country.

De-mining the entire territory will take decades, and will cost at least €364 million per year, the Ukrainian government has already announced.
About our technology
The technology has been developed with the support of University of Southern Denmark
  • No risk for people
    Drones work autonomously, without human involvement
  • High efficiency, 24/7
    Drones use high-sensible cameras to detect dangerous spots for future demining
  • AI-powered
    Self-improving system of mine detection learning all the time
Demining Ukraine
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