Universal automatic docking charging station for UAV - SkyDock
Can be used for recharging autonomous drones.Compatible with portable batteries and solar energy
Can be installed on any vertical or horizontal surface. Can be used for small and big UAVs. Easy and fast installation and dismantling.
Mobile, Flexible, Scalable
Works in all weather conditions. Reliable fast docking and disconnection.
The risk of damage from collisions with ground obstacles is reduced.
Robust & Efficient
Safe for drone and people
SkyDock Features
How it works
The station is mounted on any surface: ceiling, roof, bridge, etc. The drone uses this extension to connect to the hanging station bottom-up.
The drone has an extension connected to its battery - a retrofit kit - that is used to connect to the station.
Once the drone is directly in front of the station it starts approaching the docking mechanism to ensure proper alignment. Once contact was made, hooks engage to hold the two parts together.
Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) by autonomous drones
Offshore oil stations
Industrial buildings
24/7 Monitoring
Access to Remote Locations
Real-Time Data Collection
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