Belt AI
We increase your belt uptime
Product demo
  • Blockages
    Causes delays, inefficiencies, increases costs, and creates inventory management challenges as well as customer service issues
  • People misbehaviour
    items are handled without care, are misrouted, stolen and target to violation of safety procedures
  • Out-of-spec items
    are responsible for the vast majority of conveyor belt blockages.
  • Training
    High turnover is due to poor training leading to human errors.
Belt AI: computer vision system on the go
Wear tech with immediate AI analysis and assistance
  • Easy hardware
    Iphone serving as edge device strapped to body harness
  • Real-time
    We prevent blockages at the induction stage thanks to a real time detection of non conveyable items.
  • Knowledge management
    Build the foundation for long-term continuous improvement
  • Communication
    Real time support through chat, email and phone.
We turn these static pictures into these real-time detections to increase worker reactivity.
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